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1 week / 1,000 mile review of new Tesla Model 3 Long Range. How is “Highland” life without stalks?

1 week / 1,000 mile review of new Tesla Model 3 Long Range. How is

Video by RSymons RSEV via YouTube
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We’ve filmed the 2024 Tesla Model 3 refresh (codename "Highland") a few times to test real world range, efficiency, charging cost and charging speed but after covering 1,000 miles in 1 week now is the time to give you my review in more depth, share my opinions on what is good and what I do not like as well.

Lots of people will be keen to hear how I have been getting on without parking sensors or stalks for example. Probably the most commonly asked questions about this car. Well I’ll tell you what I think….

I can also share my efficiency since owned, not just what we get on a longer road trip like we’ve released so far.

Overall there is very little to dislike and a lot to love. It’s a brilliant car and the added refinement is very welcome.

Richard Symons
R Symons LTD "RSEV"
EV Specialist based in New Milton, Hampshire on the South Coast near Southampton and Bournemouth
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