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10 Modern SUVs Based on Vintage Classics of the Past (Detailed Review of Modifications)

10 Modern SUVs Based on Vintage Classics of the Past (Detailed Review of Modifications)

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10 Modern SUVs Based on Vintage Classics of the Past (Detailed Review of Modifications)

If you think that an SUV is nothing but a plastic box on wheels, then you haven’t seen the good looking and tough designs of the past. In today’s episode we would like to continue our series covering retro models spruced up with modern technology. This time we will cover ICONIC sport utility vehicles and NEW MAKES, that deserve to be called beautiful regardless of the era when they were build.

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00:00 Introduction

00:36 ECD Project Sweet Pea

ECD Project Sweet Pea starts as a 1995 Defender 110, imported under the 25-year rule. It is repainted, fitted with a new LT4 crate engine, and underpinned by an ECD Ride suspension.

01:40 Alpha Motors Rex and Rex X Fuji (Black Rhino) /

Alpha Motors electric vehicles could be years away from going into mass production, but each of their prototypes deserves to be given credit. Same goes for the Rex off-roader that can easily serve a gold standard for modern SUVs with retro-inspired designs inside and out.

02:39 Kindred Motorworks Ford Bronco Vintage

Kindred has assembled at their Californian headquarters a team of technicians, software developers, mechanical engineers, designers and painters. Among other things, this bunch of vintage car lovers refuses to accept the new generation of Ford Broncos and instead chooses to uplift retro models.

03:51 Overfinch Heritage Field Edition

Overfinch Heritage Field Edition is a 1993 Range Rover-based restomode that epitomized British luxury, but pairs it with modern American performance.

04:55 RingBrothers Chevy Blazer Bully

RingBrothers Chevy Blazer Bully was presented at the 2022 SEMA show: it is a 1200hp 1972 K5 Blazer-based restomod, capable of going off road.

05:55 Icon Toyota FJ43

One of Icon 4×4’s first restorations was a rare version of the Land Cruiser, exclusively made for the Brazilian market between 1968 and 2001. Twenty years later, Icon has re-acquired such a Toyota Banderante and gave it a proper spruce up.

06:58 Tecniq Q40 Defender

British automotive engineering specialist Technic has designed and rebuilt a bespoke Q40 Defender 110, inspired by the twin-rotor Chinook aircraft that has served the Royal Air Force for 40 years. The one-off vehicle was commissioned for the auction to raise money for the R-A-F Association.

08:08 Munro EV

Scotland’s wild and dramatic landscapes have inspired the local startup Munro to create a rugged 4×4 that ignores modern standards for aerodynamics and instead goes for the old-school squared off shape. The latest design of the Mark 1 resembles a military vehicle with quad LED headlights.

09:06 Gateway Bronco LUXE GT EV

Gateway Bronco LUXE GT EV is based on 1972 Bronco SUV with a 6-cyllinder engine, that is transformed into an all-electric pickup.

10:12 Arkonik Jupiter 110

Arkonik JUPITER 110 was created for one of the company’s clients: it is a full frame off restoration of 1984 Defender that keeps the original engine and transmission.

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