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1500 Miles in 3 Days – EV Road Trip Part 1

1500 Miles in 3 Days - EV Road Trip Part 1

Video by Brian Riebe Drives Electric via YouTube
1500 Miles in 3 Days - EV Road Trip Part 1

Tesla Model Y eats up the miles as we take a long weekend road trip from Minnesota to the Cincinnati Zoo to visit Fiona the hippo & her new brother Fritz. We check out the superchargers along the way & the nearby Electrify America stations too. Even more charging options at the zoo make this trip a breeze with an EV.

So many more options than our last trip in 2019, but even though the charging is faster, that doesn’t mean we can move the family any faster. In Part 1 we drive to Cincinnati on a Friday, then enjoy the Zoo all day Saturday. Part 2 will cover the tired & rainy drive home and compile all of the stats and costs, so stay tuned and subscribe so you won’t miss it.

See our 2019 in our Model S here:

Here’s the adorable Fiona song I mentioned in the video & yes, I know it by heart. 😀

0:00 Off to Cincinnati with coffee
3:19 Superchargers and EA stations in Tomah, WI
6:36 Picnic & charge in Janesville
9:42 Long stop at Walmart
11:51 Merrillville supercharger delays
14:35 Southern Indiana sunsets
15:35 Charging up in Indianapolis
17:10 Arriving in Cincinnati
18:17 Destination charging at the Cincinnati Zoo
19:07 Fiona and her animal friends
21:04 Finishing our zoo charge
22:55 Waffle House, Superchargers, and Electrify America Units

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