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2 EV Chargers At Home? Here is how we did it!

2 EV Chargers At Home?  Here is how we did it!

Video by Electrified Outdoors via YouTube

In this video we explore our home charging setup with 2 EV chargers. We show you our two Tesla wall connector units, explain how they are setup in a power share configuration, show you the accessories we use, and also discuss our Sense home energy monitor briefly as well. The cool thing about this is that we only have a 200 amp service at our home. No service upgrades necessary!

Rivian R1S & R1T Complete Accessories List:

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Our Complete List Of Detailing Supplies:
Link to TWC Install Video

Tesla Universal Wall Connector J-1772 & Tesla (Recommended):

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector (Tesla Only):

Link to TWC Install Manual:

ShockFlo Tesla to J-1772 Adapter:

TeslaTap Mini:

Lectron Wall Mounted J-1772 Dock:

Link to Sense Home Energy Monitor:

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