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20230318 ElecTrak RoadTrip 010-014 E15 and Accessories

20230318 ElecTrak RoadTrip 010-014 E15 and Accessories

Video by Lightning Ryan Fulcher via YouTube
20230318 ElecTrak RoadTrip 010-014 E15 and Accessories

GE Elec-Trak E15 Restoration Playlist:

20230318 Elec-Trak Tacoma to Portland Road Trip Ford F150 Lightning Extended Range:
* Configured an 4*8′ Utility Trailer 2000Lbs calculated 164miles of range. 20230318-ElecTrak-RoadTrip 001-009 Tacoma to Portland
* Departed around ~13:03, after about 12miles of driving the trailer calculation reset up to 231miles of Range at still 100% SoC.
* Arrived ~14:20, First Leg to Jays, Trip=26.9Miles, 56min, 2.3Mi/kWh 94% SoC, 211Mi remaining.
* Arrived ~17:19, Second Leg to Portland, Trip=174.7Mi, 3:56min, 2.2Mi/kWh, 42% SoC, 80Mi remaining.
** Second Leg Began at 94% SoC, 147.8Mi, 3hours, 2.2Mi/kWh, 42% SoC, 80Mi remaining. 20230318-ElecTrak-RoadTrip 010-014 E15 and Accessories
* ~17:20~20:15 Picking up Elec-Trak E15 and accessories:
** ChainSaw, Hedge Trimmer, Rotary Interver, Welder, Tiller 20230318-ElecTrak-RoadTrip 016-028 Portland to Tacoma and two DCFC
* Arrived ~20:15, ~7Miles to Portland Electrify America FordPass Plug&Charge DCFC Session: ~80Mi remaining +62.393kWh (~126kW)40%-to-85%(~53kW) 35Min, 198Mi remaining.
* Arrived ~22:41, ~90Miles to Centralia EVgo Trip=1:32min, 1.9Mi/kWh, Spent 15Min just getting charger to work: ~78Mi remaining +40.9kWh (~72kW)49%-to-80%(~54kW) 35Min, unknown remaining range.
* Arrived ~01:08, ~56Miles to Jay to unload, Trip=327.9Mi, 8:36min, 2.1Mi/kWh, 57%, 120Mi remaining.
* Arrived ~01:57, Back Home Complete. 49% 98Mi remaining. Temperature 55-66-45 deg F. Charged at home: 53kWh Per Ford App, 58.2kWh Per Emporia EVSE.
** Entire Trip: 353.9Mi, 9:25min, 2.1Mi/kWh, 3% Climate, 91% Driving, 3% Accessories, 3% Exterior Temp.
** ~13kWh for the 90%-100% high SoC Start, +65.5kWh, +40.8kWh, +58.2kWh back to normal 90% SoC Start Point is 174.5kWh and 2.03Mi/kWh Round Trip.

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