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2024 Honda Motorcycles Reveal: Versatile Lineup to Continue Market Domination

2024 Honda Motorcycles Reveal: Versatile Lineup to Continue Market Domination

Video by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews via YouTube
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2024 Honda Motorcycles Reveal: Versatile Lineup to Continue Market Domination

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Honda remains unrivaled on the world stage of motorbikes; after all, their two wheelers are considered reliable and capable across all classes and they are sold in millions! Streetfighters, cruisers, superbikes, off-roaders, highway tourers or track machines, Honda has got you covered no matter what and their offerings are becoming even more versatile in 2024. Stay tuned as we dissect the revamped designs, discuss the powerful engines that fuel these rides, and highlight the state-of-the-art features that make new Honda motorcycles stand out.

Detailed information about all models from this #ATmotorcycles release:

00:00 Introduction

00:44 Honda CBR600RR

2024 Honda CBR600RR returns to Europe after a 6-long hiatus all-new. It builds on the twin-spar aluminum frame, gets fresh bodywork, and boasts the familiar 600cc inline 4, that is turned Euro 5 compliant.

02:34 Honda CB1000 Hornet

After making a comeback to the market five years ago, it seems that Honda’s flagship retro naked CB1000R is poised to be discontinued once more. Its role is expected to be assumed by a new entrant 2024 HONDA CB1000 HORNET that departs from the café racer aesthetic in favor of a more straightforward streetfighter appearance.

03:58 Honda NX500

2024 HONDA NX500 is the updated and renamed version of the CB500X adventure bike, which occupies the entry-level spot in the brand’s lineup.

05:14 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade & Fireblade SP

Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade arrives with an array of significant updates under the skin, which are aimed at improving its performance and handling.

07:10 Honda CB650R

2024 Honda CB650R is a middleweight naked bike, part of Honda’s neo-retro series and embodiment of the Café Racer Genome, initially introduced with the CB4 Concept in 2016. In the year 2024, the motorcycle undergoes a transformation, showcasing a unique drooping LED headlight design inspired by the CB1000R.

08:41 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin with ES

2024 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin arrives with tweaked visuals, more distinction between standard and Adventure Sports models, and an option for an electronic suspension.

10:14 Honda CBR650R

Honda CBR650R is getting a new Honda E-Clutch setup, as well as redesigned exterior, and a 5inch TFT display.

11:44 Honda CB500 Hornet

The 2024 HONDA CB500 HORNET is the latest addition to the emerging Honda Hornet family. It is essentially a redesigned iteration of the CB500F, showcasing bold styling characterized by a streetfighter aesthetic. It accentuates a front-weighted profile, incorporating a sturdy fuel tank, updated nose fairing, and a streamlined rear section.

13:03 Honda Rebel CMX1100T

This variant is a touring edition derived from the Rebel CMX1100, designed to maximize the extensive global touring capabilities of the motorcycle’s 1,100 cc engine. The latest iteration of the Rebel showcases a fresh Gunmetal Black Metallic paint scheme, incorporates advanced all-LED lighting, and features a newly-integrated aerodynamic half fairing.

14:15 Honda CBR500R

The 2024 revisions for the Honda CBR500R bring new exterior design, all-LED lighting, standard Honda Selectable Torque Control, and a 5-inch TFT display.

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