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20240525 CyberTruck Dunes Plasma 01

20240525 CyberTruck Dunes Plasma 01

Video by Lightning Ryan Fulcher via YouTube

Day out playing in the Moses Lake Washington Sand Dunes – Ring Camera Feeds. Sorry about the audio being out of sync, my automated process for combining 600 video clips is not quite perfect. Was running at 36psi out of caution to not break the bead as I had no spare tire nor recovery options. While I grew up in the midwest drifting around on the snow, this was my first time out on the sand, and the first time taking my new Tesla CyberTruck CyberBeast off-road. Towed a friends quad and electric sand rail. Also had some friends out in an F-150 Lightning and two Rivians.

* 00:30 First time out on sand ith Rich guiding.
* 07:05 Switch to Baja mode with a 25/75 rear bias.
* 12:10 Finished, pulling back into camp, check temps.
* 16:30 Second time out with Stephen.
* 25:20 Finished, pulling back into camp.
* 32:30 Third time out with Jay.
* 38:15 Finished. 38:50-42:10 (Random music outside)
* 42:15 Fourth time with Jays Father, headed to Drags (+TeslaCams)
* 50:10 Giving a ride to Jeremy of American UTV ( Donated my flag)
* 55:00 Jeremy takes it for a spin.
** 56:05 Lost the suction mounted ring camera: RIP 57:17
* 59:09 One final drift session. (No Ring Audio)

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