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$27,740 Tesla Model 3!!! | Tesla Time News

,740 Tesla Model 3!!! | Tesla Time News

Video by Now You Know via YouTube

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Micromobility Europe 2023 – 1:44
All Models 3s Qualify for $7500 U.S. Credit – 2:56
Tesla’s Referral Program Updates – 5:14
Tesla Model S at Nürburgring – 6:32
Elon Visits China – 8:53
Model 3 Reveal – 9:43
China EV Sales Update – 10:35
Model Y Shines in Norway… Again – 12:41
Tesla Update Tracks Tire Wear – 13:48
Zac Wants To Cancel Endurance Order – 15:09
NHTSA Closes Tesla Passenger Play Investigation – 16:43
Cybertruck May Have 2 Subwoofers – 18:09
Tesla Hiring for Cybertruck? – 19:39
EV Tips – 20:47
NLR Inner Tube Repair – 21:36
Jaguar I-Pace Recall – 22:36
3 Row VW ID.Buzz Coming to North America – 25:40
Genesis GV60 Facial Recognition – 27:48
2 New Electric Porsches – 30:30
Battery Tanker?? – 32:35
Lightning Round – 35:16
Aehra Sedan – 37:25
Tesla Powers New Massive Battery Project – 39:45
33M Sunreef Explorer Eco – 40:48

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