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4 Hovering Cars 2024-28 | Magnetic Revolution

4 Hovering Cars 2024-28 | Magnetic Revolution

Video by Future Lab via YouTube

It’s time to go from Electric cars to Magnetic cars so they flow on the roads without the latter’s resistance.
The project is inspired by the maglev or magnetic levitation trains, which use superconducting electromagnets for propulsion.

But since the construction of such a technology is very expensive, Scientists from China embed regular rubber wheels of a car with ring-shaped permanent magnets to flow on a simple non-magnetic aluminum conductor plate, paved on the surface of ordinary roads as a special maglev lane. The rest in the video, where you will find out 4 Amazing New Technology that will make cars hover above the road and fly in the air.

//The Magnetic Car Designed and Animated by Ihn Lee//

0:00 intro
0:44 Magnetic Car
1:45 Alef Flying Car
3:38 XPENG AEROHT’s Flying Car
6:37 Hovering Tesla

Also you can have a look at America’s first flying car by Alef Aeronautics that has received Certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration for flight tests.

China is responding with an eVTOL Flying car model from EV manufacturer Xpeng (AeroHT).

Also, you can find Tesla’s amazing plan to make the upcoming Roadster hover 1 meter above the ground with a special SpaceX package.
Hovering Tesla Roadster source:

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