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5 Must have Tesla Model 3 + Model Y 2023 Upgrades

5 Must have Tesla Model 3 + Model Y 2023 Upgrades

Video by Adam Wellinformed via YouTube
5 Must have Tesla Model 3 + Model Y 2023 Upgrades

Hear about the latest 2023 changes to the Model 3 and Model Y. Plus here are my 5 suggestions to Tesla on how they can improve the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y’s offering. These are outside your standard more range, better motor and faster charging. So strictly what new features we’d love to see added to these vehicles.

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00:00​ Intro
02:49 Latest Model 3 and Model Y Speculation
05:33 1) Add backseat screen/s for backseat passengers
07:35 2) Massage Lumbar/Ventilated Seats/Thigh support
09:15 3) Apple Carplay no no
10:31 4) Wifi 5G upgrade
11:33 5) Electronically operated Frunk
13:58 Conclusion

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