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500 APPROVED DC CHARGING SPOTS | NSW Gov EV funding Nov 2022 Update

500 APPROVED DC CHARGING SPOTS | NSW Gov EV funding Nov 2022 Update

Video by Ludicrous Feed via YouTube
500 APPROVED DC CHARGING SPOTS | NSW Gov EV funding Nov 2022 Update

Interview with NSW Government representatives David Malicki and Bradford Jefferies to discuss the successful applicants in the first round of funding allocation towards 500 new approved EV DC charging spots and Tesla Superchargers in NSW | Episode 3 November 2022 by Tesla Tom | Ludicrous Feed
500 APPROVED DC CHARGING SPOTS | NSW Gov EV funding Nov 2022 Update

The weekly Ludicrous Feed Live Stream show highlights the current state of electric vehicle adoption in Australia | Interviews with key industry leaders | Tracking the progress of each state and territory in Australia | Comparing Australia’s EV growth against the rest of the world

Key Links from this week’s episode:

NSW EV Fast Charging Infrastructure Master Plan

Successful applicants for NSW Government DC Charging Funding Round 1 (Oct 2022)

Tom’s tweet thread detailing all successful applicants:

Accessory of the week:

Listen to this episode via podcast:


Thanks to our special guests from NSW Government:
David Malicki and Bradford Jefferies

With thanks to our regular guests:

Riz Akhtar from Carloop

carloop – real NEV ownership trends backed by real data

Rahul Prasad
Twitter: @RahulPrasad74


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