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7 Best Adventure Electric Motorcycles for 2024 (Production & Upcoming Models)

7 Best Adventure Electric Motorcycles for 2024 (Production & Upcoming Models)

Video by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews via YouTube
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Some say that electric bikes will never be good enough to work as adventure tourers, but this isn’t stopping manufacturers of EV motorcycles from trying to capitalize on this market segment. I would say their efforts are yielding great results and today we will show you the world’s first electric adventure bikes.

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00:00 Introduction

00:30 Zero Motorcycles DSR/X

Zero initially delved into the adventure tourer idea in 2021 with the exclusive Black Forest edition of the DSR model. The latest advancement in this concept is the brand-new DSR-X, featuring a sleeker, more athletic design and an entirely new steel trellis frame, along with significantly enhanced electric components.

02:19 Energica Experia

Being quintessentially Italian motorcycles, Energicas represent top-tier offerings with state-of-the-art features and high-end pricing. The Experia tourer, fully loaded, commands a substantial $34,000 price tag, making it arguably the sole electric vehicle model capable of competing with traditional adventure tourers powered by internal combustion engines.

04:10 Can-Am Origin

2024 Can-Am Origin is an adventure-focused street-legal electric bike that marks the brand’s return to the motorcycle niche.

05:24 CSC Motorcycles RX1E

CSC Motorcycles RX1E brings buyers adventure-inspired design with city-commuting capabilities.

06:42 Royal Enfield Electric Himalayan

To demonstrate their dedication to advancing into higher tiers, Royal Enfield is delving into concepts for a battery-powered future. The Electric Himalayan isn’t a finished product or a glimpse of an upcoming model. Instead, it serves as an experimental platform to evaluate the feasibility of electric motorcycle technology.

07:56 Ubco 2×2 Special Edition×2-se

Ubco 2×2 Special Edition is limited to 1000 numbered units, each painted a new color scheme and fitted with cargo accessories.

09:15 Ola Electric

While the Ola S1 scooter remains their primary offering, Ola’s aspirations extend beyond urban commuters. At the inaugural MotoGP Bharat race, Ola introduced four electric motorcycle concepts: the Diamondhead superbike, Cruiser, Roadster, and Adventure models.

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