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7 Coolest New Electric Bikes Featuring Fresh Looks & Smart Tech for 2023-2024

7 Coolest New Electric Bikes Featuring Fresh Looks & Smart Tech for 2023-2024

Video by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews via YouTube
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7 Coolest New Electric Bikes Featuring Fresh Looks & Smart Tech for 2023-2024

Love them or hate them, but electric bikes are everywhere – they are actively used for commuting, deliveries, and just joy riding at the nearest trail. And there is nothing we can do about that but embrace the change and hop on the EV bandwagon. In today’s video we are looking at some of the coolest newcomers to the world of all-electric bicycles. Today we will briefly assess their design and give you rundown of main specifications and prices.

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00:00 Introduction

00:36 Async Bike A1

In order to be instantly recognized, the recently created Async Bike company have awarded their upcoming A1 bicycle with an instantly-recognizable design and a great combination of e-bike components. Despite being a great urban bike, A1 has everything to go offroad. With its fully adjustable suspension, 20-by-4-inch tires and 4-piston brakes, you would feel almost no road vibrations and have great stopping power.

02:31 Ristretto 512 First Edition

This bike could be optioned with either 20- or 24-inch wheels; and you are getting a mid-mounted BLDC motor with torque sensing. This motor could let you switch between Class 2 and Class 3 performance. With Class 2 you would receive pedal support or have throttle power to the speed of 20 mph. However, Class 3 setting unlocks the 28 mph speeds. Finally, there is a special ‘Race Mode’ resorted to the offroad use.

04:19 Fuel Fluid-2 and Fluid-3

Even though EV fans are waiting for Fuel to finally release their much-awaited Flow motorcycle, it’s still good to hear at least some news from this company. In case you missed it, Fuel is currently running a campaign that would let them produce a duo of world’s longest range electric bicycles. Both models are equipped with a 1-hp mid-drive unit with an automatic gear-shifting mechanism.

05:51 Eunorau Flash

If you think that dual-battery e-bikes have great range, then you should check out this new Flash bike. Its manufacturer decided to up the ante and fitted their newest model with 3 battery slots, good for 220 miles of riding. The base setup comes with a 52-Volt, 16-Amp-hour battery pack, while the second and third 21-Amp-hour packs are sold separately.

07:18 Razor Rambler 20

If you want to give in to the latest e-bike craze and get yourself a scrambler-style bike that won’t cost you a fortune, then Rambler 20 by Razor may be worth your attention. Just like many more expensive models in this class, this recently-presented bike goes for a long banana seat, 20-by-4-in balloon tires, a tubular frame, and tall handlebars. The rear wheel serves as a housing for a 0.67 horsepower electric motor that gives you a 5-step pedal support or throttle power up to 20-mph.

08:26 Ride1Up Revv 1

The powertrain of Revv 1 uses a geared hub motor with 1 horsepower output and 70 pound-feet torque capabilities. It should be noted that Rev has a feature that lets riders switch between Class 2, Class 3 and offroad modes, so your top speed capabilities could be either 20, 28 or over 28 mph. Depending on the mode, you can expect between 30 and 60 miles per one charge of the 52-Volt, 15-amp-hour battery pack.

09:46 Rumble Apex

Rumble Apex has a motorcycle-like stance and an aluminum frame that is partially hidden underneath the decorative carbon fiber side panels. The side panels are also hiding a dual battery setup. Two 52-Volt, 20-amp-hour battery packs are there to power up a combination of electric motors, hidden inside the front and rear wheel hubs. When fully charged, you could expect riding ranges reach 80 miles.

10:49 Yamaha Booster

This urban commuter is offered with two powertrain variations: Booster Easy is a pedal-assist bicycle with speeds capped at 15 mph, while the Booster is an electric moped with pedals that could go as fast as 28 mph. The bikes are equipped with a PW-Series S2 drive unit. It has 5 running modes and could increase pedaling efforts by up to 400%, thus bringing 28-mph speeds.

12:05 Chimera BMX

A company from Los Angeles has decided to merge the traits of a BMX bike with those of a powerful electric commuting vehicle. The resulting creation was called the Chimera. The most notable feature of the Chimera is its high-drive powertrain. This powertrain has a patented design that allows you to normally pedal the bike, when the electric motor is turned off. This is a perfect solution if you use Chimera like any other BMX.

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