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A2Z NACS To CCS1 Adapter Review

A2Z NACS To CCS1 Adapter Review

Video by State Of Charge via YouTube

My initial review of the A2Z Typhoon adapter which allows non-Tesla vehicles with a CCS1 charging inlet to charge at Tesla Superchargers, provided the vehicle is authorized to do so.

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00:00 Intro
03:48 Background info on approved and non-approved NACS adapters
07:12 Ford’s policy on 3rd party adapters
07:42 Tesla’s policy on 3rd party adapters
08:13 A2Z’s statement on 3rd party adapters
11:53 My Lightning’s 10% to 80% charge recording using the A2Z adapter
12:38 The A2Z adapter’s temperature during the charging session
13:35 UL 2252’s maximum surface temperature limits
16:17 The A2Z Typhoon adapter’s key features
17:49 My initial thoughts after using it 5 times
25:45 Outro

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