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Active Blind Spot Monitor

Active Blind Spot Monitor

Video by Volkswagen USA via YouTube

Part of the IQ.DRIVE safety-enhancing and intelligent technologies.
Active Blind Spot Monitor uses radar sensors to help detect moving vehicles hiding in your blind spot. This system, when enabled, provides you with visual and audible alerts to help you make safer lane changes. If you attempt to change lanes while a vehicle is in the monitored zones, Active Blind Spot Monitor will alert you and when possible, counter-steer to help you avoid trouble. Watch to learn more about its functions and limitations.

Keep in mind IQ.DRIVE is designed to assist you, not replace your role as the driver. Always keep your hands on the steering wheel and remain in control of the vehicle. While the IQ.DRIVE technologies are available to enhance your driving experience, you, as the driver, are responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle.

For more detailed information, please see your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual.
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