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All-New Planes and VTOL Aircraft that will Take to the Skies Beyond 2023

All-New Planes and VTOL Aircraft that will Take to the Skies Beyond 2023

Video by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews via YouTube
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All-New Planes and VTOL Aircraft that will Take to the Skies Beyond 2023

All of the news about the upcoming aircraft of all kinds and varieties are densely compressed in this video. We will show you futuristic VTOLs, all-new luxury business jets, sustainable planes of tomorrow and so much more. So if you are a fan of everything that flies, stick around till the end.

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00:00 Introduction

00:29 Eviation Alice

Israel’s EV-ation is likely to become the world’s first company to deliver an all-electric business jet. The Alice has a 14 hundred kilowatt dual turboprop propulsion system that was sourced from the industry’s pioneer and leader Magni-X.

01:38 Jetracer

Frank Zapata has realized that very few people can master his insane jet powered Flyboard, therefore his upcoming mass market Jetracer flier is expected to be much more manageable.

02:31 Honda Aviation Jet Elite II

Honda Aviation Jet Elite II is the all-new jet from the company, that offers increased range, higher gross weight, and enhanced avionics.

03:39 Archer

The commercial V-T-O-L from Archer will be called Midnight. It is a 4-seater tilt-rotor flyer with 12 motors and propellers, vertically integrated 75-kilowatt hour battery and a lightweight composite structure.

04:56 Gulfstream G800

Gulfstream G800 is the fastest ad the longest Gulfstream to date, that is powered by high thrust Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 turbofan.

05:54 Otto Celera 500L

Otto Celera 500L tries to make ultra-low-cost private air transportation into reality, by offering 18 to 25 MPG and carrying up to 6 passengers.

06:56 REGENT Seaglider

Regent Craft have come to a conclusion that one of the ways to squeeze out more AIR miles from modern electric aircraft is to operate the Viceroy Seaglider solely over water. This hybrid can traverse the seas with 12 passengers on board in one of three modes.

07:55 Boom Overture

The dream of sustainable supersonic future has not died with the Concorde program. The recently revealed production design of the Overture has evolved to a compound modified delta planform with gull wings and 4 Symphony engines.

08:56 Airbus A321XLR;jsessionid=113B80250B866F8D75B0C7A3232F0AE3.f4

Airbus A321XLR will become the longest-range single-aisle aircraft ever produced, capable to cover up to 4700 nautical miles.

09:56 Xpeng AeroHT Flying Car

Xpeng AeroHT Flying Car returns in 2022 with a new multi-rotor VTOL setup mounted on its roof and packs a dual-engine backup system.

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