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All the 2024 EOFY Deals on EVs in Australia | Save up to $25K | Electric Car Australia

All the 2024 EOFY Deals on EVs in Australia | Save up to K | Electric Car Australia

Video by Electric Car Australia via YouTube
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I have put together this educational EV video covering all the end of financial year (EOFY) deals I could find on EV’s in Australia in June 2024. Also included towards to end of the video are some general negotiating tips you can use to get a better deal when buying your EV. Things like asking the dealer to through in a free type 2 charge cable, floor mats or some rapid EV charging credits….it’s all in this video.

Thinking of an EV? Now might be the perfect time to negotiate yourself a super deal as EOFY 2024 approaches. Buying a new car, including electric car, in June often delivers the best savings to EV buyers as car dealers are as keen as mustard to get you to sign on the dotted line to help their full year sales results.

I hope you find the video helpful in getting you the best EOFY 2024 EV buy currently available in Australia. I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts when you share your experience in negotiating a deal with your EV car dealer.

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00:00 Intro – EOFY EV deals in Australia & car buying negotiation tips & channel sponsor
01:40 2024 EOFY deals on Tesla Model 3 & Y electric vehicles
02:34 2024 EOFY deals on Ford Mach e and E Transit electric vehicles
04:01 2024 EOFY deals on Polestar 2 electric cars
05:18 2024 EOFY deals on Nissan Leaf and Leaf E+ EV’s in Australia
07:15 2024 EOFY deals on BMW EV’s in Australia
08:28 2024 EOFY deals on MG ZSEV and MG4 including the MG4 XPower EV
11:45 2024 EOFY deals on GWM Ora EV Hatch and GT ORA EV models
12:55 2024 EOFY deals on Renault Megane E-Tech French brand EV
13:44 2024 EOFY deals on BYD electric vehicles including the BYD Seal
14:51 2024 EOFY deals on Peugeot E-2008 and E-Partner 100% battery electric van
16:15 2024 EV Automotive Skywell brand EOFY electric vehicle discounts on E-Cargo and E-Crew
17:52 2024 Cupra 2024 EOFY discounts on the Cupra Born (based on VW ID3) 100% electric car
19:05 2024 Mercedes EOFY discounts on the Mercedes and AMG EV range in Australia
21:56 General negotiation tips, deals and discounts when buying a new EV in Australia

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