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Autel EV Chargers At The New York Auto Show

Autel EV Chargers At The New York Auto Show

Video by State Of Charge via YouTube
Autel EV Chargers At The New York Auto Show

I check out the Autel Energy booth at the New York Auto Show with the COO, John Thomas, giving us a quick rundown of the products he has on display. We also get an early sneak peek of the company’s new, portable 40 kW DC fast charger before its official unveiling.

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00:00 Intro
03:30 John shows us the MaxiCharger AC EV charger
05:30 Autel’s upcoming 12 kW MaxiCharger DC V2X bi-directional charger
07:41 The MaxiCharger AC Ultra 80-amp dual connector charger
10:17 The 60kW-240kW MaxiCharger DC Fast charger
14:44 The 40 kW MaxiCharger DC Compact
16:30 The new mobile 40 kW MaxiCharger DC Compact
20:02 I check out John’s custom Tesla Model S on display at the auto show
22:09 Outro

The Forgiato wheels on John’s Model S:

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