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AutoEV Awards 2022

AutoEV Awards 2022

Video by AutoEV via YouTube
AutoEV Awards 2022

It’s awards season folks! Join Bryan as he hosts the only celebration you need this Festive season, the AutoEV Awards. We announce the winners (and some losers) from the past 12 months of AutoEV Road Test Reviews. Who comes out on top? What did you vote for in our first ‘Viewer’s Choice’? What EV takes the wooden spoon this year? And what EV is crowned with the prestigious ‘AutoEV Car of the Year’ Award? The only place to find out is right here on the EV channel that actual car buyers trust to deliver the decisive verdict – AutoEV.

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
00:44 – Titles
02:32 – Best Urban EV
05:57 – Best Compact Family EV
10:21 – Best Mid-sized Family EV
15:55 – Best EV Saloon
20:43 – Best Luxury EV
25:15 – Money-no-Object Award 2022
28:42 – Most Disappointing EV
32:55 – AutoEV Innovation Award
34:24 – AutoEV Viewer’s Choice
35:20 – AutoEV’s Car of the Year 2022
39:19 – AutoEV’s New Year Message


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