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BBC’s EV Vendetta? Tesla on Blink? UK charging up? Almost Breaking News!

BBC's EV Vendetta? Tesla on Blink? UK charging up? Almost Breaking News!

Video by Fully Charged Show via YouTube
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Join Robert for May’s Almost Breaking News! This episode tackles misinformation about electric vehicles spread by the BBC, busts myths surrounding secondhand EVs, and delves into the world of BIG electric trucks. Robert also explores Amazon’s extraordinary charging network, wooden wind turbines, the surge in EV chargers in the UK, gas leaks from old oil wells, the ongoing issue with Tesla and the Supercharger Network and some good news on Gigabatteries.Get ready for a whirlwind tour of all the essential news from the world of EVs and clean energy from the past month, peppered with Robert’s signature rants! @fullychargedshow @EverythingElectricShow

00:00 It’s Almost Breaking News!
00:49 BBC’s EV Vendetta and secondhand EVs
04:18 What the Truck?!
08:20 A Case of Misinformation!
11:49 Wind TurPINES?!
14:15 60,000 Charge Points!
15:33 Dirty Lies?!
18:58 Tesla Bins the supercharger network?!
20:40 Tesla Megapacks and Gigabatteries!

Links to stories:

Secondhand EV Sales:

Used car market hits five year high as EVs reach record share

BIG Trucks

Amazon puts first electric semi trucks into ocean freight operation

Parking EVs at a hospital

Wooden wind turbines

60,000 charge points

Idle oil well gas

Tesla Lay offs and big battery

Tesla conducting more layoffs, including entire Supercharger team

Tesla Megapack to power new massive record-breaking 1.3 GWh battery system

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