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Best Scooters for Getting Around Cities Beyond 2024: Affordable New Electric Models

Best Scooters for Getting Around Cities Beyond 2024: Affordable New Electric Models

Video by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews via YouTube
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Many electric commuters have come and gone out of style, but scooters continue multiplying and pushing out internal combustion engines from crowded city streets. Today we have prepared an update for you with the newest models arriving for the 2024 model year and beyond. Abundant variety, longer range, extra power and at times super aggressive designs worthy of a Moto GP class.

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00:00 Introduction

00:34 Infinite Machine P1

Infinite Machine P1 is a Brooklyn-made electric scooter that aims to make New York streets less crowded with cars and more friendly for pedestrians.

02:06 Ather Energy 450 Apex

Back in what feels like the distant year of 2020, Ather introduced their original 450X model, marking one of India’s first premium scooters equipped with high-tech features. Now, for the 2024 riding season, Ather Energy has unveiled the Apex model, representing the pinnacle of their technological advancements and serving as their most expensive flagship model to date.

03:36 Gogoro Pulse

Gogoro Pulse is a new flagship model by the company that will offer more performance potential than any other Gogoro before it.

05:11 VMoto CPx Explorer

Following the trail blazed by the original 2016 Honda X-ADV, the Aussie-Chinese company VMoto is entering the adventure scooter market with the all-new Explorer version of the CPx.

06:22 Horwin Senmenti 0

After establishing a strong market position in Europe, the China-based Horizon-Win is preparing to launch in the US with a lineup of three Senmenti bikes. The most production-ready model is the Senmenti 0 super scooter, which is similar in size to the Suzuki Burgman but far surpasses it in performance.

07:57 Honda SC e: Concept

Honda, a global motorbike giant and frequent leader in innovation at every show, has an underwhelming portfolio when it comes to electric scooters. The new SC e: aims to change that. This futuristic personal commuter, classified as a Class 2 moped in Japan, supports tandem riding and will be among the first models to bolster Honda’s electric scooter lineup.

08:59 Gogoro CrossOver

Gogoro CrossOver is a first model of its kind for the brand. It can ride both the busy city streets or take you adventuring across rougher terrains.

10:12 Ather Rizta

While the 450 line of Athers is designed for solo urban riding, the new affordable Rizta is built as a family vehicle. According to its creators, this scooter boasts the largest 6XL seat, offering ample space for the whole family. Additionally, it features 34 liters of storage in the boot and 22 liters in the frunk.

11:21 Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak is an all-electric scooter from the Indian company that is getting several upgrades for the 2024 model year and offers 2 versions: Urbane and Premium.

12:32 Lambretta Elettra

Lambretta Elettra is nearing production as an urban, electric scooter with nearly 80 miles of range and a top speed of 68 mph.

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