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Bitter Cold EV Christmas Travel

Bitter Cold EV Christmas Travel

Video by Brian Riebe Drives Electric via YouTube
Bitter Cold EV Christmas Travel

A fierce cold snap before our Christmas travel meant a little extra planning and cutting it close on range. I share the data of our Model Y trips and some tips to get better results than we did.

No matter what you’re driving, in below zero weather take some precautions, plan ahead and know what your vehicle is capable of. Stay safe out there and enjoy the rest of winter!

0:00 Planning for a cold day
1:07 First drive & slide headed north
2:24 A charge for the second leg of the day
3:54 The wind of open farm country
4:57 Betting we’ll make it home
6:42 Three miles to spare
7:26 A warmer comparison drive
8:23 Final stats & takeaways

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