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BMW iX M60 – ‘M’emorable or ‘M’eh……..

BMW iX M60 -  'M'emorable or 'M'eh........

Video by AutoEV via YouTube
BMW iX M60 -  'M'emorable or 'M'eh........

We have driven BMW’s electric flagship, the iX, before in base xDrive 40, and mid-spec xDrive 50 variants and still can’t quite decide which one fulfils the brief best. Perhaps neither do? The only way to find out the pick of the range was to test the new iX M60 range-topper and make our minds up. Of course, to deliver a truly thorough verdict, Bryan decided to put it to the ultimate test by taking it to Scotland and trying it on his favourite road. Unfortunately, the weather got in the way. Yet that hasn’t stopped him delivering his thoughts on this latest all electric BMW to wear the iconic ‘M’ badge. Is it worthy enough to wear such a hallowed emblem? Only the AutoEV road test will tell.

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
01:28 – Titles
01:35 – Meet the car
03:58 – Styling
09:03 – Practicality
13:07 – Interior
22:02 – Usability
26:50 – Performance & Handling
35:18 – Pricing
35:54 – Competition
38:02 – Pros & Cons
38:54 – Summary


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