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Broken EV Chargers | Why are so many Aussie DC Rapid Chargers out of action? Electric Car Australia

Broken EV Chargers | Why are so many Aussie DC Rapid Chargers out of action? Electric Car Australia

Video by Electric Car Australia via YouTube
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Broken EV Chargers | Why are so many Aussie DC Rapid Chargers out of action? Electric Car Australia

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Today I’m looking at the problems (and solutions) Australian EV drivers are experiencing with DC Rapid Charger reliability and hence availability around the country.

I discuss the complexity of the current charger network and use a specific example to demonstrate the challenges network owners and operators are dealing with.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 Tritium charger error codes
03.00 Chargers being discussed – DC Rapid Chargers
04:15 Tesla Super Charger network reliability 98%
04:45 Other charger networks reliability around 70-75%
06:.20 Complex operating environment number one reason for poor reliability
07:00 Behind the scenes Groups involved in charger operation
07:24 Eighteen EV charging infrastructure providers
08:05 Electricity network providers
08:40 Electricity wholesalers and retailers
09.04 Site owners
09:35 EV charger owners
10:10 Most charge networks are uneconomical
11:40 Physical charger, including hardware, software and payment gateway
12:10 Robustness of hardware and technology
12:35 Charger replacement programs
12:59 Tritium, Brisbane based EV Charger manufacturer
13:50 Charger locations and protection
14:03 Rapid chargers are becoming more powerful and complex
14:27 Poor spare parts availability
14:51 Software within a charger
15:35 Payment gateway, user authentication
16:18 Service and maintenance contracts or agreements – key reason for poor reliability
17:21 Practical example of charger ownership and operation complexity
20:38 Top 5 reasons for poor Dc rapid charger reliability in Australia
21:14 Charger network minimum uptime standards, reliability guarantee
22:05 What can be done to improve charge network reliability
23:10 80% rule, don’t charge to 100%

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