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Bugatti’s Giant V16 Engine Is Insane – All The Tourbillon Details!

Bugatti's Giant V16 Engine Is Insane - All The Tourbillon Details!

Video by Engineering Explained via YouTube
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The Bugatti Tourbillon Packs A Glorious 1,000 HP V16 Engine.
Bugatti V16 Engine Deep Dive –
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The wraps are off the new Bugatti Tourbillon, and it’s rather incredible. 1,800 horsepower is delivered through the combination of an 8.3L naturally aspirated V16 engine, as well as three electric motors. Two up front, with one in the back, and ability to run ICE-only, meaning a 1,000 HP naturally aspirated RWD experience. In this video we’ll cover four main topics:
1) What are the specifications of the new Bugatti Tourbillon?
2) Why did Bugatti choose to go naturally aspirated?
3) Why did Bugatti choose a V16 over their W16 engine?
4) What is the Tourbillon’s top speed?

While the Tourbillon is limited to 445 km/h, it’s capable of more. But how much more? Is 500 km/h possible? We’ll discuss!

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