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Can I Charge my EV at Home? | YES, Normal Power Point OR EV Home Charger | Electric Car Australia

Can I Charge my EV at Home? | YES, Normal Power Point OR EV Home Charger | Electric Car Australia

Video by Electric Car Australia via YouTube
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Can I Charge my EV at Home? | YES, Normal Power Point OR EV Home Charger | Electric Car Australia

Charging your electric vehicle at home is easy, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. The easiest and cheapest involves just plugging in the granny charger (EVSE). which comes with the car, to a normal power point… just wait, wait and wait some more. If you want to speed things up, grab a level 2 home charger.

Enjoy the video and remember to visit the Electric Car Australia YouTube channel for heaps on full length educational EV videos on this very subject from a real EV owner. Enjoy!

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