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Change limit for ac charging? Bmw and more

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Change limit for ac charging? Bmw

Speak EV – Electric Car Forums

Total beginner question ; ix3 charging for first time, giving a silly amount of time for charge (in days). From looking at some threads ascertained the max ac charge of 6A is too low, and it can be changed in the car rather than elsewhere. How do I find a correct limit to set? Any advice very much appreciated and sorry if this has been asked a …

THIS IS WHY it’s The Cheapest EV.. // 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Review

Sarah -n- Tuned This is the cheapest Electric Car on the market! Today I examine it mechanically and conduct tests in the name of science. 8:05 Electric cars are great at this this thing is ridiculous so 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque might not sound like a lo

Graphene Supply Outstrips Demand

Electric Vehicles Research

As of mid-2022, the global graphene and graphene oxide installed capacity easily exceeds 12,000 tonnes per year, but utilization is low as the orders lag significantly behind. Is this a natural part of the commercial journey, or has hype overcome reality? Is this a case of “build it, they will come”, or are there real market needs? What does the fu…

Tesla Model 3 used review: is this the best used electric car in the UK?

Electrifying The world loves the Tesla Model 3. It’s the car that has converted more drivers to electric than any other and despite being

The Benefits Of Electric Vehicle
by Frank Plants

Graphene Supply Outstrips Demand

Electric vehicles

As of mid-2022, the global graphene and graphene oxide installed capacity easily exceeds 12,000 tonnes per year, but utilization is low as the orders lag significantly behind. Is this a natural part of the commercial journey, or has hype overcome reality? Is this a case of “build it, they will come”, or are there real market needs? What does the fu…

Elon: FSD Beta tweets

Tesla Motors Club said: FSD beta 9 is using the pure vision production code for highway driving. Beta 10 hopefully (Beta 11 definitely) will use one stack to rule them all – city streets, highway & complex parking lots. said: Yes, a leap …

“Proactive” 12v battery replacement – good idea or overkill?

Model 3

The only “major” service issue I have ever had with my 2018 P3D is that I had to have the 12v battery replaced after about 2 1/2 years. Even though it was covered under warranty, I consider it a major issue because it rendered the car undriveable and it had to be towed. At that time, there was no warning that the battery was weak. One da…

Mini Cooper Electric 2023 review: Is fun and funky enough for you to choose this EV? 4K

CarsGuide It is fun, and it is funky – and those are two positive points for the 2023 Mini Cooper Electric. But there’s a catch… Well, it’s … 0:00 This mini is an electric mini but it’s much more than that i think it’s one of the most underrated electric cars on sale in australia now …

Continuous high pitch whining noise from 2022 tesla model S while parked

Model S

Continuous high pitch whining noise from 2022 tesla model S while parked, mainly from the front. It does not go away, any clue?…

New member, first time conversion

DIY Electric Car Forums

Hi everyone. New to EV conversions and I’m jumping in deep. I’ll be starting a conversion for my 2016 MX-5, with a few goals: Working on two ideas, one using the MX-5 limited slip rear diff and placing the motor/gearbox roughly where the transmission is now, or as low/rearward as possible.. or using Tesla parts in the stock subframe. Drawback….

Fixing the 2022 Model Y

EV Dave Richards Pikes Peak Production Model 3 P Electric Car Record Holder 2020 Charging …

Tesla Model Y & 3 are becoming some of the best selling cars of any kind in more and more countries

BestInTESLA Want some cool Tesla accessories go to AMPTech by using this affiliate link: …

Where are the workshop drawings?

Fiat 500 Forum

Hi I have a faulty roof and I am looking for the workshop drawings so I can understand how the system works before I try to fix it. I have seen some videos but none of them help or are in focus. Does anyone know where to get these drawings? Also where can you get the roof parts from in Europe?…

Tesla Hacker Calls FSD Blatant Cash Grab Scam, Advises People to Avoid It

Self-Driving Cars – Look reddit, no hands!

submitted by /u/seat51c [link] [comments] …

2015 120V Charging Timer?

GM Volt Forum

Our 2015 Volt can be programmed to charge immediately or a scheduled departure time. I’m looking for a way to establish a programmed START time. Thinking about setting up a plug-in timer between the wall outlet and the 120V plug on the EVSE (charging unit). To determine the feasibility of this, I inserted the charging plug into the Volt and then p…

Kit solaire : une bonne idée pour s’improviser installateur ?

Tesla Magazine

Que vous soyez préoccupé par vos émissions de carbone ou par vos finances (ou les deux !), l’installation de panneaux solaires par vos soins peut réduire votre impact sur l’environnement. The post Kit solaire : une bonne idée pour s’improviser installateur ? appeared first on Tesla Magazine. …

Kiemelték a Dunába elmerült Tesla Model X-et

Sikeresen kiemelték a Dunából a Tökölnél elmerült Tesla Model X elektromos autót − közölte Facebook-oldalán a Pest Megyei Kutató-Mentő Szolgálat.  2022.09.06-án késő este sajnálatos módon a tököli komplejárónál egy Tesla Model X csúszott a Dunába. A mai napon pedig sikeresen kiemelte a Teslát a Pest Megyei Kutató-Mentő Szolgálat. “A munkálato…

Episode 371: Model Y Is Europe’s Safest Car Ever

Ride the Lightning: Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast

Model Y earns major accolades in its recent crash-safety tests in Europe, the Model 3 might be getting a power frunk pretty soon, rumors of Giga Canada heat up, and more! If you enjoy the podcast and would like to support my efforts, please check out my Patreon at and consider a pledge. Every little bit helps …

Nissan approves first US bidirectional charger for Leaf, use won’t affect warranty

Green Car Reports

The Nissan Leaf will finally get bidirectional charging in the United States, and it won’t affect the EV’s warranty, Nissan confirmed this past week. Leaf models have for years had the hardware for bidirectional charging, which allows electric cars to discharge stored energy from their battery packs. And while Nissan has allowed and enabled the…

BMW Group to use innovative round battery cells in NEUE KLASSE from 2025

Electric Cars Report

The BMW Group is convinced that powerful, innovative, sustainably-produced battery cells will be key to the success of individual electromobility in the future. The company is set to launch a new era of e-mobility from 2025 with the models of its NEUE KLASSE – using newly-developed round battery cells optimised for the new architecture for the fir…

I hate myself for loving this electric vehicle | RIVIAN R1T Walkaround

Electroheads Trucks and America go hand-in-hand – but it’s about time this market was updated to the new electric age… …and the RIVIAN R1

California reforms utility rules to encourage participation in time-of-use rate programs

EVANNEX Aftermarket Tesla Accessories – Tesla News

Many electric utilities around the world now offer time-of-use (TOU) rate plans, which incentivize EV owners to schedule charging at off-peak times. However, as Canary Media reports, some utilities require customers to install redundant separate electrical meters at their own expense in order to take part in TOU programs, even though many E…

International Seabed Authority greenlights seabed nodule collection trials by Metals Company

Green Car Congress

The Metals Company (TMC), an explorer of lower-impact battery metals from seafloor polymetallic nodules (earlier post), announced that the International Seabed Authority (ISA) has completed its review of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan (EMMP) submitted by TMC subsidiary Nauru Ocean Resour

Tesla Now Sends 12V Battery Replacement Alerts

Tesla has started rolling out alerts to notify customers when their 12V battery needs to be replaced. That’s according to a push notification shared by Zack (@BLKMDL3). The message received reads, “12V battery must be replaced soon – schedule service.” This is new! @Tesla now sending push notifications when 12V battery needs to be replaced! […]

Can a Tesla battery ever be upgraded?

r/TeslaMotors – Your Tesla Community on Reddit

I recently bought a 2017 Model X 75 D with a max range of only 210 miles. My intention was to upgrade the battery some time in the future to the biggest possible. When I called Tesla to get pricing I was informed it was impossible for them to replace a battery that wasn’t defective. Has anyone been able to upgrade a battery that wasn’t defective? …

Sunrun & Tesla Solar Roofs & Batteries Saving The Day In California

Tesla Archives | CleanTechnica

The heatwave that’s been hitting California and other states in the West has been a beast of a problem. It’s crippling grids, which even has utilities and governments asking people to not charge their electric cars, turn down their AC, and wear dirty clothes rather than do the laundry*. What’s really needed, though, is more […]…