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Cheapest Car! Honda Civic vs Chevy Bolt

Cheapest Car! Honda Civic vs Chevy Bolt

Video by BenjaminNelson via YouTube
Cheapest Car! Honda Civic vs Chevy Bolt

How expensive are electric cars? Let’s compare a Chevy Bolt and Honda Civic. The answer may surprise you!
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I recently bought a brand new Chevy Bolt EV. While talking about it on social media, someone inquired as to when EVs will be as cheap as gas cars, you know, something like a Honda Civic.

Hmm. I don’t actually know how much a Civic costs. People often use it as the poster child for a well-built, inexpensive car, so I looked up the cost of the vehicle and compared it to the Chevy Bolt EV.

The two are actually VERY similar in price. But once you start figuring in the savings on gasoline and maintenance, the cost of the Bolt plummets compared to the Civic.

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