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Cheapest Electric Scooters to Buy Today: the only Affordable EVs in 2023

Cheapest Electric Scooters to Buy Today: the only Affordable EVs in 2023

Video by Automotive Territory: Trending News & Car Reviews via YouTube
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Cheapest Electric Scooters to Buy Today: the only Affordable EVs in 2023

They said that electric vehicles would make personal transportation extremely cheap: no need to pump gas, no need to change oil and supposedly no need to do yearly maintenance. Well, all of this is jolly good, but judging by the current electric car prices, money saving was lost somewhere along the way. So do affordable EV really exist? They definitely do, but today they come in the form of electric scooters. In this episode we will assist you in the conservation of financial resources by demonstrating a lineup of the most affordable models that are sold internationally.

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00:00 Introduction

00:49 Ola S1

Ola S1 gets 2 modifications, S1 and S1 Pro. The former offer 3 drive modes, LED lights, and a 7inch touch, while the latter adds standard cruise control and a 4th driving mode, labeled Hyper.

01:54 Ather 450X

The super successful Indian scooter has entered its third generation. Its evolution was based on the feedback collected over 100 million miles of riding data. The new Ather 450X is powered by a revised version of the permanent magnet synchronous motor with the yield of 8 horsepower.

02:55 TVS iQube

TVS is the third largest manufacturer of two-wheelers in India that exports to 60 plus countries. Their electric range was kicked off in 2023 by the iQube and it has already grown to include three models: standard, S and ST.

03:59 Hero MotorCorp Vida

In 2022 Hero MotorCorp launched the electric subbrand Vida – that will focus solely on electric vehicles. The inaugural Vida e-Scooter arrived in two versions V1 Pro and V1 Plus.

04:54 NIU Gova 03

NIU Gova 03 is a mid-range model in the brand’s Gova family that gets a 2kW motor, 56 miles of driving, and a modern tech package.

05:49 Yamaha EC-05

This is a joint project between Yamaha and the Taiwanese pioneer of urban mobility, Gogoro. This model will be manufactured at the facilities in Taiwan and EC-05s will have access to the 1,200 battery-swapping stations installed by Gogoro Energy Network.

06:52 Okinawa OKHI 90

Okinawa OKHI 90 is an agile e-scooter that is well-equipped to cater for the needs of big city dwellers.

07:49 Segway eScooter E110S

Segway eScooter E110S is the brand’s cheapest 2-person model that tops out at 506 lbs of max load, accelerates to speeds of 28 mph and cover 46 miles on a drive.

08:48 Horwin EK-1

Horwin EK-1 is closely related to the brand’s EK-3 model, but is tailored specifically for L1e category.

09:49 Honda U-go

Honda U-go is a high-quality e-scooter from the Japanese company that is offered in 2 power versions, both juiced by 2 removable lithium ion battery packs.

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