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Chevrolet reveals 2024 Blazer EV; up to 320 miles of range and more

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Chevrolet reveals 2024 Blazer EV; up to 320 miles of range

Green Car Congress

Chevrolet revealed the all-electric 2024 Blazer EV. The Blazer EV offers multiple distinct trims, multiple range options—including an available GM-estimated range of up to 320 miles on a full charge—and available front-, rear- and all-wheel-drive configurations. Those choices include available 1LT, 2LT, RS and Chevy’s first ele…

The All-Electric Chevy Blazer EV | Chevrolet

Chevrolet Reimagine what’s next in design, performance and technology. Introducing the All-Electric Chevy Blazer EV. Reserve yours now …

Ricardo Multi-Year Deal to Develop Hybrid-Electric Aerospace Tech

Electric Vehicles Research

The multi-year deal will see the Ricardo aerospace engineering team support Pratt & Whitney Canada in the development of advanced hybrid-electric propulsion technologies for next generation aircraft. The project is part of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s regional hybrid-electric flight demonstrator programme. The company is targeting a 30% improvement in

Watch Out Tesla – The All-New 2024 Chevy Blazer EV Is Here & It Starts At $45k!

The Fast Lane Car ) Check out our new spot to find ALL our content, from news to videos and our podcasts! Watch Out Tesla …

50 Amp – PRIMECOM.TECH Level-2 Smart Electric Vehicle Home Charging Station 220 Volt for Tesla and All EV Brands 30′ Feet Length (25 Feet, Hardwire)

Model Y UK Delivery

Tesla Motors Club

Finally made the move and ordered the model Y. Is there are tracker to find out where we stand and when the cars will be shipped to the UK? My order number is RN1158565## and wonder where I stand with the rest of the community that ordered one. …

The 2024 Chevy Blazer EV SS Is A $65,000 Tesla Killer!

Vehicle Virgins Meet the new 2024 Chevy Blazer EV SS, the $65000 Tesla Killer. With a range of up to 320miles and up to 557hp the new all …

Chevy Launching Blazer EV Next Summer; Kia Planning EV Pickup for U.S. – Autoline Daily 3365

Autoline Network Autoline provides daily global automotive news. Top auto executive interviews. Automotive insight & analysi

Model S delivery soon. Second Tesla. Two Home Chargers or not?

Model S

Our new Model S is set to be delivered in 4-6 weeks (hopefully). We have a Model 3 we purchased new in 2019 and had a Home Charger installed at that time. My question is this: we plan to be in this home just 5 more years…yet we will have two Tesla come September. Given the above, would you install a second Home Charger or not? And please elab…

Tesla Exec: The Momentum Is There / GM’s Shameful Choice / Chevy Blazer EV Specs ⚡️

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UGH – The smell of it. [AC Smell]

Model 3

Hi all, First day stander in line… Have my Model 3 since April of 2018 and gave in and let Tesla Mobile service my filters and awful sneaker smell on June 4th. Well 2 weeks later and the smell was back. I made another appointment using the APP and was pretty clear about the situation. They of course came back with the same estimate of $137 for…

Range on 100%

Speak EV – Electric Car Forums

I am sure that this has been discussed many times before, but using the search function, bought up too many unrelated posts. So I apologise in advance. I have an E Niro 4+ and tend to charge it most times to 80% On Sunday we were going away for the week, so during Saturday night, I charged it to 100%. On checking the range it showed 245 miles @…

2026 Opel Manta Electric crossover: Everything we know

Electric Vehicle Web

In 2021, Opel announced that it will introduce an all-new fully electric vehicle. To be named Opel Manta-e, this new electric vehicle will revive the Manta brand from the yesteryears. At the Stellantis EV Day 2021 on July 8, 2021, Opel’s then-CEO Michael Lohscheller said that the company would be launching the Opel Manta Electric by mid-decade of…

New Member Introduction

Fiat 500 Forum

Hey guys new member here! My name is Armad, from San Antonio, Texas. Used forums before, was never active, but this forum gave an awesome first impression of being cool, so I’ll do my best to be an active supporting member! I have a 2015 Fiat 500 Abarth. Mine came with some 500Madness upgrades. I have the go pedal control, Max power pro box, upper…

2024 Chevy Blazer EV: Blazer EV Academy – Blazer EV Overview | Chevrolet

Chevrolet You can have impressive style, power and capability – and drive an electric SUV. Built from the ground up using the …

2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV: Up Close — We get our first look at the 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV. Watch our video to find out what we know. See all videos: …

In AP Interview, GM’s Mary Barra Explains Her Strategy To Catch Tesla By 2025

Tesla Archives | CleanTechnica

Now that we’re more than halfway through 2022, GM’s goal of catching up to Tesla for EV sales by 2025 seems like an impossible climb. Right now, GM still gets mocked on Tesla Twitter, especially with Joe Biden saying “Mary, you electrified the whole auto industry, you led…” in a time when GM still only […]

2014 volt screeching noise when braking

GM Volt Forum

Hello, I have a 2014 volt that currently is making a loud screeching noise when I break. I begin to drive and it doesn’t do it till about 15 minutes of driving. It’s does it when I drive with the ICE. I charge it, but haven’t driven it enough on electric to say it only does it on ICE. I hope it’s not the engine. I have a dealer appt. Friday but wa…

RayV Intro

DIY Electric Car Forums

Hello, I currently live in Maryland. I am building a Factory Five 818C kit car and I am looking into going electric instead of ICE. But I look at the price of kits and then the specs and I wonder if the DIY EV market has gotten good enough for sports cars. I found a kit specific for my FFR kit on EV West but the output of 71 hp for $9,000 doesn…

Comment la Dacia Spring a ruiné ma vie?

Tesla Magazine

En décembre de cette année, j’ai pris livraison de ma Dacia Spring. Je n’avais jamais roulé dans une Dacia. Pourtant, l’attrait d’un véhicule entièrement électrique d’une autonomie de plus de 230 km et les subventions nous ont incités, ma femme et moi, à faire le grand saut. Environ deux semaines et 500 km plus tard, […] The post Comment la Dacia…

Tesla’s Model Y is the Fastest-Selling Used Vehicle in America: Study

According to a new study by, Tesla’s Model Y is the fastest-selling used car in the United States at the moment. “Both new and … Read more The post Tesla’s Model Y is the Fastest-Selling Used Vehicle in America: Study appeared first on

2024 Chevy Blazer EV First Look – Watch Out Ford!

RevMatchTV This is the new Chevy Blazer EV. Chevrolet today revealed the all-electric 2024 Blazer EV, expanding the bra

Tesla found 1% liable in fatal crash of a teen it dedicated a feature to

Tesla | Electrek

Tesla has been found only 1% liable by a jury in a case over a fatal crash of a teen, and dedicated a feature to his memory. more… The post Tesla found 1% liable in fatal crash of a teen it dedicated a feature to appeared first on Electrek. …

Tesla debuts ‘Share by URL’ video feature in China

Not a Tesla App

Tesla’s latest app update, version 4.11 includes a new feature for sending videos from your phone to your vehicle’s infotainment screen for users in China.… Read More …

Mahle X20 a NEW riding experience!

Electric Vehicles Space

This is the lightest ebike assist system created so far. 🛹 Products I use: For Predator, TSG Pro, Fox Pro Frame and State helmets check this link: Quad lock phone holder: Quad lock case Samsung S21 ultra: Quad lock car mount: Quad Lock Sport…

Chevy Blazer EV revealed, lower-priced VW ID.4, flagship Porsche electric SUV: Today’s Car News

Green Car Reports

Volkswagen’s ID.4 is shifting to American-made and becoming more affordable. Porsche is working on a flagship electric SUV. And the Chevy Blazer EV will cover a wide range of wants and needs. This and more, here at Green Car Reports. The 2024 Chevy Blazer EV has been revealed, and it shares nothing except a name with the gasoline Blazer…

6 Unexpected Products Made From Recycled Materials

Green Living Consultants, Companies, Electric Car Expert, Green Living, Electric Car News, New York, California, Florida, Missouri, Texas, Nevada

Recycling is the process of converting waste or used materials into reusable elements. Today, a lot of money and energy is spent on waste management. Meanwhile, when a used product is recycled, it saves the cost of managing that particular waste. Now imagine how much money and energy would be saved if the world embraced […] The post 6 Unexpected …

does anyone know if Embark trucks are going anywhere or it will be taken off Nasdaq?

Self-Driving Cars – Look reddit, no hands!

We have seen embark trucks loses alot of its value. It has lost more than %95 of its ipo price. But yet I don’t see alot of information on what they have accomplished. At the same time we haven’t seen anything reliable from thier competitive (tusimple, waymo.. Ect). Is this thing about auto driving can’t be done or just Embark not going anywhere?…

Tesla works hard on unprotected left turns in FSD Beta 10.13, especially the Chuck Cook-style ones (Release Notes)

Tesla Oracle

Tesla’s internal Autopilot testing team has started getting the next big FSD Beta update version 10.13 (2022.16.3.5). While non-employee Tesla vehicle owners registered on the automaker’s Early Access Program have yet to receive this new update as Elon Musk tweeted that it still needs a few tweaks. However, the detailed FSD Beta 10.13 releas…

All-new Renault Kangoo E-Tech priced at £26,500 in the UK

Electric Cars Report

The All New Renault Kangoo E-Tech van is available to pre-order now with prices starting from just £26,500 plus VAT after the PiVG. With the availability of a pure electric drivetrain and a comprehensive specification designed to optimise usability and convenience for businesses, the All New Kangoo delivers the same innovations, equipment an…

Tesla owners are reselling their cars for a profit amidst high EV demand

EVANNEX Aftermarket Tesla Accessories – Tesla News

Many Tesla buyers are waiting several months to take delivery of the electric vehicles, due to high demand, exacerbated by inflation and the ongoing semiconductor shortage. Despite the letdown for consumers, some Tesla owners saw an opportunity in the market’s current climate and decided to capitalize on it. Above: Tesla models driv…

Elindult a Huawei elektromos autójának a kiszállítása

Múlt héten megkezdődött Kínában az Arcfox márka által gyártott Alpha S HI elektromos autók első példányainak kiszállítása. A BAIC-vel közösen létrehozott autó a Huawei legújabb technológiáit, köztük a Huawei Inside operációs rendszert mutatja be 640 lóerővel és több mint 700 kilométeres hatótávval. Emiatt az Arcfox Alpha S HI luxusszedán …

Supercharger limit 80%.

r/TeslaMotors – Your Tesla Community on Reddit

Supercharger in Missoula is set at 80% limit. I need 90% to get down US 12 to Lewiston Idaho. Is there anyway I can squeeze another 10% out of this charger? submitted by /u/deeleite [link] [comments]…