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China’s CHEAPEST Electric Car Just Got Better!

China's CHEAPEST Electric Car Just Got Better!

Video by Fully Charged Show via YouTube
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China's CHEAPEST Electric Car Just Got Better!

Hot on the heels of his hugely popular review of the standard Wuling Mini EV – China’s cheapest electric car – Elliot takes a look at its slightly posher sibling: the Mini EV Cabrio. With much improved engineering, top-down driving thrills and a price still less than half that of the cheapest EV you can get in the UK, is this tiny roadster the bargain of the century??

00:00 How do you improve one of the world’s best-selling EVs?
1:36 The essential info
2:47 The wig test
4:23 Driving impressions
7:22 A huge interior upgrade
8:45 Built for fun!
9:40 Power (or lack of)
10:23 A rather surprising boot
11:31 The roof!
12:12 Final thoughts?

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