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Comparing VW Id.7 and Ioniq 6 in detail

Comparing VW Id.7 and Ioniq 6 in detail

Video by Battery Life via YouTube

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0:00 Intro
1:51 Driving
2:44 Suspension
3:05 Cornering
3:25 Power
3:45 Noise level
4:02 E-Sound
4:35 Regenerative braking
5:09 Lights
5:35 Wipers
6:28 Auto Hold
6:50 Climate
7:20 Preheating
8:36 Scheduled preheating
9:13 Climate settings
10:40 Screens
10:56 HUD
12:08 Cockpit
13:01 Trip data
14:22 Infotainment system
15:20 Apps
16:34 Long distance driving
16:50 Charging
20:25 Consumption
21:07 Long trip navigating
22:08 Cruise control & self steering
25:25 Daily use
25:34 The app
27:20 Backup camera
28:30 Trunk
28:55 Start driving
32:10 Beeping
33:45 Daily use
36:10 V2L

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Charge Curve Comparison
Charging Curve
EV Consumption

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