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CYBERTRUCK – The Internet’s Questions, Answered.

CYBERTRUCK – The Internet's Questions, Answered.

Video by The Kilowatts via YouTube

This month Tesla started delivering the Cybertruck in volume to actual customers; since then, there’s been tons of confounding headlines and questions posted on the internet. So, after 2500 miles of ownership, here’s what I know so far.

0:00 – Intro
1:15 – Is it more of a toy or is it actually tough?
1:07 – Will the sharp edges eat my fingers?
1:35 – WTF is a Squircle?
2:37 – Is it comfortable inside?
3:34 – Will you remove the mirrors?
4:05 – What about car camping in the truck bed?
4:14 – What’s your least favorite part of the design?
4:44 – Can you tow a $4 Million electric flying boat with it?
4:57 – How do you clean it?
5:12 – What’s the real-world range like?
5:42 – How many EVs can you rescue simultaneously with the outlets?
6:20 – Are the cables even long enough to Supercharge it?
6:55 – Does it get too much attention?
7:27 – Have you experienced any significant issues so far?

Isn’t it rusting though? No, not really:


Thanks @MinimalDuck and @TwoBitDaVinci team for your help filming this video!

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