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Dealerships vs. Direct Sales: Where’s the Sweet Spot for Selling Electric Vehicles? | C-to-C EVs 17

Dealerships vs. Direct Sales: Where's the Sweet Spot for Selling Electric Vehicles? | C-to-C EVs 17

Video by Plug and Play EV via YouTube

Special guest and F150 Lightning enthusiast Christopher Bowe joins Eric, Walter, and Steve to discuss his experiences with Ford’s electric vehicles and the automaker’s decision to scrap its embattled Model-e EV sales program.

We’ll also cover the latest from rising DCFC network IONNA, including everything we know about its early sites, the direct sales model for EV-only automakers, the ongoing drag factor of dealerships for OEMs as they transition to electric vehicles, and which automakers ar building the most compelling table of BEV and "electrified" models.

It will be a packed one with lots to talk about, so send early questions via and set a reminder to join us live at 5PM (Pacific) / 8PM (Eastern) for another fast (but not furious) fortnightly fast charge ⚡

Catch some of Christopher’s work here on his eponymous channel and as co-host on the excellent Turn Down for Watt podcast:

Bowe EV –
TDFW Podcast –

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