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Dr. Bob Heironimus | The Light Bus

Dr. Bob Heironimus | The Light Bus

Video by Volkswagen USA via YouTube

You may recognize this bus. That’s because it’s been everywhere. Magazines, TV, album covers, and more. Who you might not know is Dr. Bob, the guy who painted it.

Dr. Bob Hieronimus, the Baltimore artist behind the iconic Light Bus took inspiration from symbology and spiritualism to create a one-of-a kind Type 2 that became world famous at the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival. A celebrated muralist and the owner of several self-described “art cars,” Dr. Bob is still as creative as ever. Lucky for us, he has been a great friend to VW, even designing an Earth-Day inspired custom wrap for the all-electric ID. Buzz.

With a bit of paint and a lot of heart, Dr. Bob made history with his Type 2.

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