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DRIVEN: Volkswagen ID.7. Has VW finally built a Tesla-beater? |

DRIVEN: Volkswagen ID.7. Has VW finally built a Tesla-beater? |

Video by Electrifying via YouTube
DRIVEN: Volkswagen ID.7. Has VW finally built a Tesla-beater? |

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Volkswagen’s all-electric ID. brand has come a long way in a very short space of time. The latest addition to the family, the ID.7, is the fifth all-electric ID model to be launched in Europe and the sixth worldwide. And with the sub £23k ID.2 supermini in the pipeline, the future for electrified Volkswagens looks bright.

The ID.7 sits at the top of Volkswagen’s ever-expanding range (although in terms of price it sits alongside the ID.Buzz), and is available in saloon form initially, with a Tourer estate to follow later this year. Although Volkswagen officially refers to the ID.7 as a saloon, it’s actually a large hatchback. As part of Volkswagen’s plan to gently ease buyers from ICE models to electric, it loosely fills the void that will appear in the brand’s range when the Passat saloon disappears from the line-up later this year (the new model will be estate-only).

The ID.7 will eventually come with two battery size options: the familiar 77kWh pack that appears across the existing range, and a new 86kWh pack that so far has only been offered in the ID.Buzz long-wheelbase. The smaller pack is available from launch with the larger one joining the line-up later this year. In terms of charging, the 77kWh pack peaks at 170kW on a DC charger, while the 86kWh pack can accept a charge speed of up to 200kW. Expect 10-80% charge times of around 25-35 minutes on a suitable DC charger.

Join Ginny as she puts the new Volkswagen ID.7 under the microscope for the first time. Has VW finally built a car to rival the Tesla Model 3? Let us know in the comments below.


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