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Driving 10,000 miles will cost me less than £155 in “fuel” – HOW? 😮

Driving 10,000 miles will cost me less than £155 in “fuel” - HOW? 😮

Video by RSymons RSEV via YouTube
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But even without solar and battery you can still power your EV with 10,000 miles worth of driving for just c.£155!!

This video is about my solutions for work and home energy and how with smart tariffs such as Octopus Intelligent Go you can cover 10,000 miles (16,000 km) for a “fuel” cost of just £155.00 in your Electric Car. Even a Porsche Taycan (a not particularly efficient sports EV) can cover 10k miles for just £250!!

There’s also Solar power and battery storage. At work I have 2 Tesla Powerwalls supporting 62 solar panels and that saved us c. £16,000 of electricity last year.
However at home because it’s a period property I’m the first to admit that putting solar panels all over it would look wrong.
So my solution so far is just to install battery storage (again 2x Tesla Powerwall 2’s) without solar!
What’s the point in that you say? Well it means I can harvest cheap energy overnight to charge the batteries and that then dispenses throughout the day to run the house, the lights, TV, electric cooker and oven, dishwasher, washing machine etc – all on just £0.07 per kWh (price at time of filming)

This leads to huge savings plus it actually helps the grid by being off grid (or supplying it) at busy times and the utilising spare energy at quiet times.

Of course public charging EVs is more expensive but that forms a fairly small portion of mileage for most people. I do think it should be reduced however, and Tesla have actually been the best with much cheaper rates most of the time.

But the investment is expensive? Yes it is but it can add to the value of your property by more PLUS there are financing options available. You may find that the finance cost is actually less than the sheer costs you can save! So you save money AND then still have a more valuable and greener home!

I hope this video inspires some to explore energy options further and consider how and Electric Vehicle really can be very very cheap to run!

Thanks for watching.

Richard Symons
R Symons LTD "RSEV"
EV Specialist based in New Milton, Hampshire on the South Coast near Southampton and Bournemouth
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