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Dynamic Inductive Recharging Technology for Electric Vehicles and more

Dynamic Inductive Recharging Technology for Electric Vehicles and more

Dynamic Inductive Recharging Technology for Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles Research

After months of testing at the “Arena del Futuro” circuit, Stellantis, together with its project partners, have demonstrated the capability of Dynamic Wireless Power transfer (DWPT) technology to wirelessly recharge electric vehicles as they travel over specially equipped, dedicated road lanes.

3천만원대 기아 니로 EV, 승차감 나랑 장난해??? EV6 긴장해…

비피디 BPD 안녕하세요. 오늘은 기아 EV6와 현대 아이오닉5의 대항마라고도 할 수 있는 니로 EV를 시승해봤습니다. 아니 이렇게 승차감 좋으면 선 …

New member from the Netherlands

Tesla Motors Club

Hello everyone, new member here. My name is Ivo and I live in the Netherlands, near Rotterdam. I have ordered my Model Y Long Range this week and I thought it was the time to create an account and introduce myself. I’ve been following Tesla since the Model S came to the US market, so around 2012. And I have always wanted to own one. I have driven

New 2023 Kia Niro EV First Impression “The Best Budget EV Is Back”

Motorgraph World Our new presenter, Mari Cho, met the newly updated Kia Niro EV. This Kia Niro EV has been one of the best selling EVs from Kia.

Any reason to NOT get a smart meter?

Speak EV – Electric Car Forums

I’ve always been wary as I don’t like the idea of being penalised for using energy in a particular way. BUT, It would be nice to be able to see live data so I can can optimise usage. If I didn’t want a smart meter, is there an accurate “aftermarket” monitor I could buy that would give the same level of data? Mike

Price increase

Model 3

It appears that Tesla raised prices again? My M3P reservation is at 58,990 plus 3k red paint and white interior.

Toyota JUST ANNOUNCED It’s NEW INSANE EV Battery Pack That Will Change Everything!

Tech Revolution Toyota JUST ANNOUNCED It’s NEW INSANE EV Battery Pack That Will Change Everything! #toyota #ev #battery Batteries are in …

ClipperCreek 32 Amps, Level 2, 240 Volts, HCS-40 EV Charger, Hardwired, up to 31 Miles of Range per Hour of Charging, 25 Foot Cable, Built for Indoor/Outdoor Use, Compatible with All EVs, Made in USA

The Mini EV Gameboy Has 50% More Power and 100% More Range Than The Original

Wheelsboy The Mini EV makes it’s triumphant return, but this time it’s got 50% more 100% more range, and double the price. Follow us!

Rivian, Lucid, Lordstown, Canoo, Fisker: Which EV Companies Will Survive?

George Downs | WSJ Last year, electric vehicle companies like Rivian, Lucid, Lordstown Motors, Canoo and Fisker all commanded high valuations with …

Rivian, Lucid, Lordstown, Fisker and Canoo | Supply chain woes, covid outbreaks, chip shortages, geopolitical unrest, a tech selloff, and economic inflation | How many cars have these EV companies produced? | What can they do to survive? | Which EV startups will survive?5 chapters

Tesla #1 (in self driving accidents)

GM Volt Forum

NHTSA looked at 392 driver-assist crashes in the last ten months, and found Tesla Autopilot accounts for 273 (~70%) of the crashes. #2 is Honda with 90 (23%), Subaru is #3 at 10 (3%). That leaves 19 spread among everyone else. Ford at five crashes, Toyota at four, BMW at three, GM at two, and Aptiv, Hyundai, Lucid, Porsche, and Volkswagen with one

TouchMate Launches Electric Vehicle Charging Kiosk – Benzinga – Benzinga

“electric vehicles” – Google News

Help: Where to Buy Desiccant Bag?

Model S

So, as I posted yesterday, screwed up my cooling system, yadda yadda. ANYWAY I found everything I need online except for the damn desiccant bag 1007717-00-A My local service center can’t sell parts, closest one that can (if they will) is 6 hours away. Does anyone happen to know where I could buy this thing otherwise, or have a service center cl

Comment charger facilement sa Tesla Model 3 ?

Tesla Magazine

Vous avez acheté une Tesla Model 3 ou vous rêvez de le faire, mais vous vous posez quelques questions pratiques, notamment sur la recharge… et vous avez bien raison ! Dans cet article, on répond à vos questions : Charger sa voiture, comment ça fonctionne ? Comment s’y prendre ? Où aller ? Un peu […] The post Comment charger facilement sa Tesla Mo…

Nio ES7 kicks off new generation of electric SUVs for Chinese automaker

Green Car Reports

Nio on Wednesday the ES7 electric SUV, the first SUV based on the automaker’s second-generation vehicle platform. Somewhat larger than the Tesla Model Y, the five-seat ES7 also sports Nio’s latest “Design for AD” design language. It appears to be more of an evolution of Nio’s previous design language, however, here with prominent wheel-arch…

Tesla to charge more for cars in United States as inflation bites – Reuters

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Hell-raiser 48V Electric Go Kart

DIY Electric Car Forums

My latest build is called the Hell-raiser because well (I’m hoping) it’ll raise some, hell It is motivated by a ME0708 PM Brushed motor …controlled by a Kelly KDZ 48400 controller …& powered by (2) 24V 50AH Chevy Volt Lithium Modules (wired together in series to create a 48V 50AH battery pack)

Coldplay harnesses audience power – The Columbian

“bmw electric car” – Google News

These All-Natural Home Remedies Will Help You Gain More Energy

Green Living Consultants, Companies, Electric Car Expert, Green Living, Electric Car News, New York, California, Florida, Missouri, Texas, Nevada

Did you know that tiredness is the most common health complaint? These natural home cures for weariness are worth a shot if you’re looking to gain more energy.  Are you frustrated with being exhausted? It’s disappointing, demoralizing, and irritating to be bone-tired, as so many people are. You want to race like a thoroughbred, but […] The post T

2022 Volkswagen ID.4 GTX And ID.5 GTX Get More Pizzazz, Standard Kit – InsideEVs

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Kia EV6 GT all-electric car with 577 bhp will debut this month –

“kia electric car” – Google News

Audi drags Chinese EV maker Nio to court over trademark rights – HT Auto

“audi electric car” – Google News

Enovix Can Recharge 98% Of Its 3D Silicon Lithium-Ion Battery In Under 10 Minutes

Electric Cars Report

Fremont, California based Enovix Corporation announced it has demonstrated the ability of its 0.27 Ah EV test cells to charge from 0-80% state-of-charge in as little as 5.2 minutes and achieve a greater than 98% charge capacity in under 10 minutes. “Fast charge capability can accelerate mass adoption of EVs and we’ve been able to […] The post Enov

GM may start electric Cadillac, Hummer sales in Europe amid reboot – Automotive News Europe

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2013 Fiat 500 on fire

Fiat 500 Forum

Our 2013 Fiat 500 caught fire last Monday while being towed by our motorhome. We bought it in 2021 with less than 25000 miles in it. Any ideas why or have their been other fires. Our motorhome escaped with just rear panel being burned and we escaped safely. Now wondering why? Emergency brake off and car in neutral. It was a manual.

United announces investment in, commercial agreement with Dimensional Energy; CO2-to-SAF

Green Car Congress

United and United Airlines Ventures (UAV) announced an investment in and commercial agreement with Dimensional Energy. Dimensional Energy, which recently received a $3.1-million award from ARPA-E (earlier post), has developed a reactor and catalysts to convert CO2 and hydrogen from water into syngas for use in the Fischer-Tropsch process.

Tesla’s 100-year battery design could flip the narrative on electric vehicles

EVANNEX Aftermarket Tesla Accessories – Tesla News

An electric vehicle’s battery is the most important part of the car, affecting things like range, speed and overall functionality over time. Still, the subject of battery degradation over time remains a major problem with EVs, although Tesla’s battery research unit may have just come up with a century-long solution. Above: A Tesla

New Kia Niro Review – Niro EV is here! Better than Kia EV6?

Asian Petrolhead We have shown you the new Kia Niro review and today we get to show you what all EV Niro drives are like. The new Kia Niro is …

Going EV: pros and cons of buying an all-electric car

KPIX CBS SF Bay Area With Bay Area gas prices now pushing past $7 per gallon in some areas, you might be seriously considering going all-electric.

Sony Honda Mobility Inc. is the new name of Sony and Honda’s EV business – Engadget

“honda electric car” – Google News

Tesla Model 3 now comes with Hankook Kinergy GT tires instead of the Michelin Primacy MXM4

Tesla Oracle

Tesla has just switched stock 18″ tires for the Model 3 from Michelin Primacy MXM4 to the new Hankook Kinergy GT H436 ones. The tire width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter are the same as before i.e. 235/45/R18 (refer to the visual guide below). The only thing that has changed in the new tire specifications is the Load Index or Carrying C

VinFast parts ways with four top executives as it readies expansion – Reuters

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New car registrations in Romania, up 33% in the first five months of 2022 –

“renault zoe” – Google News

Electric Vehicle Anyone -Ajai Dayal – BW Businessworld

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Tesla (TSLA) significantly increases its electric car prices across its lineup

Tesla | Electrek

Tesla (TSLA) has significantly increased the prices of its electric cars across its entire lineup with some models going up by as much as $6,000. more… The post Tesla (TSLA) significantly increases its electric car prices across its lineup appeared first on Electrek.

Új generációs, elektromos Mini modellek érkeznek

Az első valódi tisztán elektromos Mini, amit bárki megvehet, nagyjából 3 éve létezik. A típus premierje 2019 július 9-én volt és azóta is sokan veszik nagy örömmel az ikonikus kisautó elektromos változatát. Mivel az autóipar szeret 3-4 évente frissíteni a járművek kinézetén, a Mini esetében is esedékes a frissítés. A facelift modellt többször

Tesla Raises Car Prices Again by Up to $6,000 in the U.S.; Canada Up Too

Tesla has increased prices of its vehicles again, depending on configuration, at up to $6,000 in the U.S. The price increases on late Wednesday night PDT … Read more The post Tesla Raises Car Prices Again by Up to $6,000 in the U.S.; Canada Up Too appeared first on

Bloomberg Thinks Volkswagen Could Sell More EVs Than Tesla By 2024

Tesla Archives | CleanTechnica

Bloomberg Intelligence thinks that Volkswagen could sell more electric vehicles (EVs) than Tesla by 2024, but that even if this does happen, Tesla will still be a key leader in the industry. Volkswagen has been saying this for a while now, and one thing that is for sure is that both companies will be key […]

Aerodynamic Shape Optimization – Improving the Efficiency of the Aptera EV

AirShaper For more information, visit or email and check out …

Trend Micro unveils dedicated security for electric vehicles – SecurityBrief Australia

“electric vehicles” – Google News

Tesla tops the list of most satisfied customers in the entire auto industry

Tesla Model 3 | Electrek

Tesla has topped the list of most satisfied customers in the entire auto industry, with Model 3 taking the top spot for for all cars globally. more… The post Tesla tops the list of most satisfied customers in the entire auto industry appeared first on Electrek.

IT’S HAPPENING! BYD Seal EV Begins Mass Production NOW!

Tech Bombs BYD Seal EV Model to Begin Mass Production this month! The BYD Seal vehicle will begin mass production this month, with an …

Which VW Electric Cars Are Available Right Now? – MUO – MakeUseOf

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Polestar 5 is an Electric Halo Car Designed to Compete with German Luxury – Newsweek

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2022 Hyundai Kona N Review: A Rabid Beast In Small SUV Form – MotorBiscuit

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Elon says Tesla’s single stack solution for city/highway may be available this summer

Not a Tesla App

Tesla’s FSD Beta is amazing, and while it’s far from perfect, it’s certainly impressive what it can do today. However, FSD Beta is only using Tesla’s l… Read More …