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#EasytoEV | Charging is as easy as charging at home

#EasytoEV | Charging is as easy as charging at home

Video by TATAev via YouTube

Remember those days of waiting in queues to fill up your car’s tank? Well, not our EV owners!

Just like your smartphone, your EV can be powered up at home; by simply installing a home charger. In fact, 93% of our EV owners live by this!

Did you know that you could also charge it using a 15A plug point? Plug into a socket at your home, office, or wherever you are, and charge your EV easily.

And guess what? On average, our EV owners only need to recharge twice a week.

Avail free installation and demo by our team too! Just get in touch with us —
1800 209 8282

Life is easy with an EV.

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