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Electric Car Battery Hell?!

Electric Car Battery Hell?!

Video by Fully Charged Show via YouTube
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Electric Car Battery Hell?!

EV Batteries. Are they bad for the planet? Do we have enough of them? What about the raw materials? Haven’t they got stupidly expensive?! These are the questions that most EV drivers will be all too familiar with. But perhaps our petrol-head EV sceptics have a point?! Electric vehicle batteries are not perfect, and are at risk of a supply chain crisis like we’re currently experiencing for semiconductors. Substantial action is needed to address raw materials, mining, cell production, battery manufacturing to prevent an EV shortage. We decided to delve into this topic and what did we discover?! Firstly, this is an unwieldy, complex and controversial topic! But importantly, there are ways batteries, and their supply chain can be made better so that the transition to electric vehicles happens on time and as sustainably as possible. Imogen, with extensive help from some serious experts, does her best to explain!

00:00 Introduction
1:18 A primer – what’s in a battery?
3:35 What’s going on?!
6:23 A perfect storm
7:40 Things are changing
10:22 Are there enough raw materials?
11:28 Are batteries ethical or sustainable?
15:21 Recycling?!
16:31 Doesn’t have to be Lithium?!
17:14 Can batteries be made better?
19:21 Concluding thoughts


IEA Global EV Outlook 2022 –
MIT Carbon Tracker –!/explore

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