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Electric Car Charging Simplified!

Electric Car Charging Simplified!

Video by Electric Vehicle Man via YouTube
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Electric Car Charging Simplified!

If you’re new to EVs and some of the charging side of them doesn’t fully make sense, well hopefully after this it will.

Smart Home Charge:

Using the referral code (no.2 below), you will receive £20 credit on your Electric Universe account. This will be applied after their installation has been confirmed as completed by Smart Home Charge.

How it works:
1. Simply request a quote for a charger on the Smart Home Charge website
2. When filling in the enquiry form, include ‘SHC#Amazing-EV-Experience’ in the Electric Juice Code field
3. Click Submit
4. In the meantime, sign up for your free Electric Universe card with this link to get £5 free credit right away:
5. Once the installation is complete, Smart Home Charge will notify Electric Universe and credit your account with £20 for use across all public chargers compatible with Electric Universe.

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