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Electric Car Lightning Round – Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Car Lightning Round - Frequently Asked Questions

Video by Brian Riebe Drives Electric via YouTube
Electric Car Lightning Round - Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to the most common Tesla and electric vehicle questions. I try my best to answer within 30 seconds, game show style. Ellie hits me with everything from door handles to winter performance questions that have come up at car shows and the Minnesota State Fair. So grab a pronto-pup, and let’s go!

Resources mentioned in the video –
See Tesla’s 2021 Impact Report here:

Battery Recycling info outside of Tesla visit:

Information on NIO’s battery swap stations:

Visit @State Of Charge for great reviews and info on home charging solutions.

My favorite EV towing content comes from:
@EV Dave @All Electric Family and @Out of Spec Motoring

0:00 Electric Car questions at the fair
1:08 Where’s the engine & winter losses?
1:57 Battery worries & recycling
4:41 Door handles & self-driving
5:41 Why not swap out the batteries?
6:23 Affordable EVs & cost of charging
8:22 Can you tow with an EV?
8:57 What if you run out of juice & how long do you have to charge?
10:12 What do you think of Elon Musk?
11:18 EVs get the sweet spot & charging in the rain
12:09 Can you put a generator on the wheels?
12:58 Can anyone charge at a Tesla Supercharger?
13:55 How automakers showcase EVs at the fair

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