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Electric Cars & Renewables: A stunning forecast for 2023

Electric Cars & Renewables: A stunning forecast for 2023

Video by Nicolas Raimo via YouTube
Electric Cars & Renewables: A stunning forecast for 2023

In this video, we explore some bold predictions for the electric car and renewable energy industries in 2023.

First, we predict that Tesla will offer free supercharging for its electric vehicles. This move could significantly increase the appeal of Tesla cars and further drive the adoption of electric vehicles.

However, due to market saturation, this shift may also lead to a decrease in the value of used Tesla cars, as the cost of ownership will be reduced for new buyers.

We also predict that solar and battery installations will see the biggest growth in 2023. As renewable energy becomes increasingly affordable and accessible, more and more people will turn to solar and battery systems to power their homes and businesses.

In addition, we anticipate a reduction in energy costs as the adoption of renewables increases and more efficient technologies become available.

One company that is making waves in the renewable energy space is Octopus Cosy, which has recently announced a new heat pump energy deal. This deal could revolutionize the way we heat our homes and could significantly reduce our carbon emissions.

We also predict that the government will mandate the reliability of chargers for electric vehicles, ensuring that drivers can trust in the availability and functionality of charging stations.

Rapid chargers are also set to allow roaming in 2023, allowing electric vehicle drivers to easily charge their cars while on long journeys.

Another major development in the renewable energy industry is the allocation of £15Bn for wires for wind. This investment will help to improve the infrastructure needed to support the growth of wind energy.

Finally, we predict that the heat pump grant will change in 2023, potentially making it easier for individuals and businesses to invest in renewable heating technologies.

On a negative note, we also anticipate that at least one charge manufacturer will go bankrupt in 2023, as the market becomes increasingly competitive.

Overall, it looks set to be an exciting year for the electric car and renewable energy industries, with many significant developments and changes on the horizon.

00:00 Predictions for 2023
00:13 Tesla Supercharging and Prices to fall
01:53 Solar & Battery Installs To See Biggest Growth
03:00 Reduction Of Energy Cost
05:37 Government to mandate reliability of chargers
06:50 Roaming On Chargers
07.24 £15Bn For Wires For Wind
08:00 Heat Pump Grant To Change
09:12 Charge Manufacturer to go bankrupt

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