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EV BASE CCS1 to Tesla Adapter Review with 2024 Tesla Model Y

EV BASE CCS1 to Tesla Adapter Review with 2024 Tesla Model Y

Video by Plug and Play EV via YouTube

Before we get a chance to jump onto the Tesla Supercharger network with our Hyundai IONIQ 5 via a Tesla-to-CCS1 adapter, join us for a look at the reverse scenario: accessing the public CCS charging options in a Tesla Model Y.

In this video, we test a Tesla-to-CCS1 adapter provided courtesy of EV BASE, a company with a wide range of Tesla accessories (and items for other all-electric models). Take a look at their products via these links and use code "PPEV20" to snag 20% off anything that catches your eye:

CCS1-to-Tesla Adapter:

The adapter has been specifically useful for my in-laws at their new home in northeastern North Carolina, where Superchargers are thin on the ground. Prior to adding home charging, they have been able to use some of the CCS1 infrastructure at dealerships to top off while exploring their new region.

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