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EV Rapid Charging FAIL | Tesla Super Charger & MG ZS EV Don’t Mix Attempt #1| Electric Car Australia

EV Rapid Charging FAIL | Tesla Super Charger & MG ZS EV Don't Mix Attempt #1| Electric Car Australia

Video by Electric Car Australia via YouTube
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EV Rapid Charging FAIL | Tesla Super Charger & MG ZS EV Don't Mix Attempt #1| Electric Car Australia

Well we gave it a shot and had a Fail on attempt #1 rapid charging the 2020 model MG ZS EV on my local Tesla Super Charger’s. This video goes through the blow by blow account of using the Tesla App to locate and identify the operating EV charger’s, adding credit card details to my Tesla account and unlocking/activating the chargers. Problem is the communications between the MG EV and Tesla Charger gives the impression it’s not a loving relationship… least on this meeting.

I’m going to give it another shot at a different Tesla Super Charger location in the future so stay tuned and smash that ‘Bell’ icon so your alerted when the video goes live.

I’m sure you will enjoy the video and I’m looking forward to reading your comments to see if you have had similar experience charging a non Tesla vehicle on the Tesla Super Charger network.

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00:00 Intro & thanks for Watching Electric Car Australia
01:50 Tesla Super Charger out of action
02:45 Charges to Tesla Super Charger locations to allow non Tesla’s EV’s to charge
04:00 Charge port location on the MG ZS EV
04:48 Using Tesla App to charge a non Tesla EV
06:07 Cost of EV Charging at Tesla Super Charger
08:05 Unlocking Tesla Super Charger and plugging in
11:00 Unsuccessful charge connection on first go
11:30 Second go at charging and still no connection
12:55 Third go, including holding charger lead to assist connection
13:35 Forth and last attempt, still no go and ideas on problems
14:55 Intending to try another Tesla Super Charger in near future
16:15 Thanks for watching and to our fantastic Patreon, Ko-Fi & PayPal Supporters

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