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EV vs ICE 2000 mile road trip cost comparison

EV vs ICE 2000 mile road trip cost comparison

Video by Electric Classic Cars via YouTube
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It’s time to give you all the facts and figures from our trip over the Switzerland and back in the 2 Ferrari Testarossas. In this episode we’ll be comparing the costs and emissions of that trip in the electric cars vs what it would have been if we did it in 2 petrol powered Ferrari Testarossas.

Below are some of the numbers and references we used.

Total trip distance – 1879 miles

Total energy used – 697 kWh

Home energy charging costs 9p/kWh at night
Rugby Services charger – 79p/kWh
Eurotunnel UK Tesla supercharger – 45p/kWh
Hotel charger – free
Metz charger – 40p/kWh
Strasbourg charger – 50p/kWh
St Moritz charger – 45p/kWh

EPA Highway mpg for Ferrari Testarossa = 14 mpg ‘US Gallons’ (17mpg UK gallons, 3.74 mpL)

UK grid carbon intensity source –

France grid carbon intensity source –

Switzerland grid carbon intensity –,were%208%20g%20CO2eq%2FkWh.

Carbon emissions for petrol, including generation –

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