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EVject Review: An EV Charging Device That’s Designed To Keep You Safe.

EVject Review: An EV Charging Device That's Designed To Keep You Safe.

Video by State Of Charge via YouTube

I check out a new EV charging device called EVject that is designed to allow EV owners to drive away from a charging station in an emergency while their EV is still plugged in and charging. Normally, EVs cannot be placed in gear and driven while plugged in, but the EVject is designed to allow you to do so safely, without damaging your car or the charger.

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00:00 Intro
00:38 background info
05:06 I test the EVject at a Tesla Supercharger
08:43 The EVject breaking away from two angles
11:17 Analyzing the used EVject
11:58 Will using the EVject damage your car or the charging station?
18:15 EVject’s "Safety First" warranty
20:40 The CCS1 EVject prototype
25:00 The EVject currently doesn’t fit all Tesla vehicles
25:58 Should every EV owner have an EVject?
28:21 Do I think it’s a good idea to have one?
29:00 outro

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