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Fiat 600E – As stylish and delicious as Stanley Tucci’s Negroni…..

Fiat 600E - As stylish and delicious as Stanley Tucci's Negroni.....

Video by AutoEV via YouTube

Fiat has always excelled at building stylish small cars that were perfect for that urban centric lifestyle of those that lived in the heart of cities such as Turin and Rome. Yet of late, their absence in the critical B-Segment of the market may have caused many to forget about their illustrious past with cars such as the Uno and Punto. So, by upscaling the wonderful 500e to create the new 600e, have Fiat done enough to bring back la Dolce Vita to the Italian brand’s line-up? As always, Bryan was dispatched, not to the beautiful city of Naples, but to the wet and grey Cotswalds to bring you the answer…..

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
00:48 – Titles
00:56 – Meet the car
03:58 – Styling
11:52 – Practicality
16:27 – Interior
25:55 – Usability
27:47 – Performance & Handling
38:50 – Pricing
41:54 – Competition
44:12 – Pros & Cons
45:06 – Summary

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