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FIRE ANTS – Unwelcome Neighbours | How to Spot Them, the Spread & Damage they Do | Camp Fire Chat #2

FIRE ANTS - Unwelcome Neighbours | How to Spot Them, the Spread & Damage they Do | Camp Fire Chat #2

Video by Electric Car Australia via YouTube
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Welcome to my second Camp Fire Chat video. In this video I take a look at the Red Imported Fire Ant (RIFA) and talk about why we should all be worried about this introduced pest to Australia. This episode isn’t sitting around the fire but walking around my local suburb in South East Queensland to show you what fire ants look like and how easy it is to find their nests.

In the video I discuss the environmental, social and economic damage fire ants are already doing and how much worse it could get. I look at the current geographical spread and future likely spread Australia wide if they cant be controlled. I also touch on some human and animal first aid for fire ant stings and talk about how easily the RIFA appear to be spreading and some unique methods they have devised to spread, even in flood waters.

I hope you find this video on red imported fire ants interesting and really look forward to reading your comments and suggestions for future camp fire chat videos.

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Until next time, stay safe!

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00:00 Intro & Thanks for Watching Electric Car Australia
01:50 History of Red Imported Fire Ants (RIFA) spread in Australia
03:45 First look at Fire Ant nests on public footpath
07:00 Reporting Fire Ants and Map of spread in Qld & Northern NSW
09:20 Home real estate impacted by fire ants?
11:15 Red imported fire ants in new housing estates
13:15 Close-up of fire ants
16:20 REFA nests are easy to find
23:30 Impacts of fire ants on Aussie lifestyle, environment, biodiversity and economy
24:30 What more can be done to stop spread
25:50 Thanks for watching and big shoutout to my monthly Supporters.

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