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FIRST DRIVE: Cupra Born VZ – the ultimate getaway car? | Electrifying

FIRST DRIVE: Cupra Born VZ - the ultimate getaway car? | Electrifying

Video by Electrifying via YouTube

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The standard Cupra Born is a fun car. It might be practical and easy to drive, but it still had an element of entertainment in the way it drove that made it more rewarding than rivals. Although it never had daft performance, the 201bhp always felt plenty, and there was always the e-boost button if you wanted a little extra poke for overtaking. And yet it remained refined too, so it was never tiring. Sporty without being rorty if you like.

Now there is the option of even more fun, with an even sportier version. The VZ name is a shortening of the Spanish word ‘veloz’- which translated into English means ‘fast’. So it has a new motor at the rear which produces 320bhp.

To put that into perspective, it’s about the same as a Porsche 911 from a decade ago.

But is that enough to take on cars like the faster, cheaper MG XPower?

That punchy new motor means the Born VZ can do the 0-62mph sprint in 5.7 seconds – one second faster than the e-Boost version. That’s 40% more power than the existing Borns. It also has and 75% more torque. Top speed is also increased by 25mph to 124mph, which is largely irrelevant on an electric car unless you are rushing between chargers on an Autobahn.

The battery pack in the VZ has also been tweaked and they’ve found an extra 2kWh of capacity, taking the total to 79kWh. This gives it an official range of 335-372 miles – exactly the same as the existing V3 77 model.

It can be recharged using an 11kW AC system, which is acceptable but a little disappointing when some rivals can take 22kW. The DC rapid charging maximum of 185kW is more impressive though and a meaningful upgrade on the 130kW of lesser Borns. It means a fast charge from 10 to 80% would just take under half an hour.

Join Tom as he takes the new Cupra Born VZ out on the road for the first time. Has Cupra built a winner? Would you choose this over an ID.3 GTX? Let us know in the comments below.


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